Ultimate 2022 Draft Grades

Fantasy football is back as the NFL season is upon us. Here is the Ultimate 2022 Fantasy Football League Draft Grades and Commish analysis.

1 – Ditka Did It

Commish Grade: A
Yahoo Grade: C

Strenghts: QB, WR, RB, K, DEF
Weakness: TE, Depth

Jason has assembled a risky team that could win it all or be a bottom dweller. A lot of guys coming off injuries or moving to new teams are here. If Jason’s key starters stay healthy, he could easily run the league. The depth is so bad though that two or three injuries sink the team. Hill has a lot to prove with Tua, while Smith-Schuster could be in for a big year, if healthy, on a one year prove it deal in KC. McCaffery and Chubb will be workhorses. Indy defense is a great value and Carlson will be a top K. I will roll the dice on Jason having it all come together.

2 – The Vonstars

Commish Grade: A
Yahoo Grade: B

Strenghts: WR, TE, RB, K
Weakness: Depth outside RB

Doug always does a good job drafting. This team has one glaring hole: depth everywhere but RB. Kupp falling to him as late as he did will be a huge reason for his succces. Allen is another WR, though older, in a prime passing offense. If these guys stay healthy, they are every week starters. TE Waller is also a good combo with great value pick in Carr at QB. Doug has bruisers at RB followed by lots of candidates to breakout. Gay is a good K and Chargers defense will only be limited by playing in the AFC West. If enough RBs are good, Doug can trade to fill gaps. Doug should be battling for the top seed again.

3 – Mephistopheles’ Return

Commish Grade: A
Yahoo Grade: B+

Stengths: QB, RB, TE, K
Weakness: WR, DEF

Commish has built a team with top tier players and lots of young guys. Allen was the MVP last year in fantasy. Harris and Elliott will be workhorse RBs, and Pierce is the biggest sleeper maybe in fantasy. Pitts may breakout at TE. Tucker is the best kicker in the NFL. The challenge is at WR. There is no real #1 guy at WR. To compensate, Commish drafted a lot of rookies and undervalued guys. Hype guys as well are on the roster. Commish should have a very competitive team if two of the WRs put up WR1 or WR2 numbers week to week.

4 – Giants Will Continue

Commish Grade: B+
Yahoo Grade: A-

Strengths: DEF, Depth
Weakness: None

Kevin has the least sexy team in the league. He may have the most balanced roster in the league though with guys who will just put up numbers week to week. These are the types of teams that win it all. Kevin won it all last year, and for his namesake, he could well continue that trend. The most curious pick will be Sutton at WR, now with a competent QB. He could be due for a huge year. injuries to RBs would be the main thing that could sideline Kevin, but Ekeler and Montgomery staying healthy will have Kevin near the top all year.

5 – Operation Doomsday

Commish Grade: B
Yahoo Grade: C

Strengths: WR, Depth
Weakness: RB

Mike, beside maybe Darryl, has the best WR group in the league. There are legitimately 4 or 5 guys who will be WR1 or WR2 by the end of the year. With our half PPR scoring format, this team will be sneaky good. The biggest questionmark for me is the RBs. Timeshares and injury prone guys may hold back the potential. Kicker is okay, but benefited from being in a powerhouse offense. Defense, if healthy, may rebound. Hurts is a middling QB and Tua may actually be a better play. The ceiling on this team is far higher than the floor is low, Mike should be competing for top tier all year.

6 – Running on Empty

Commish Grade: B
Yahoo Grade: C+

Strengths: RB, WR
Weakness: Depth

Tim is a sleeper team. A team that may start slowly and build up steam come playoffs. Kyler Murray will be hurt to start the year with no Hopkins. I think having both Lamb and Schultz will limit the high end scoring output. RB could be epic with Taylor and Swift, and Penny may have a lot more value than thought. I am less a fan of his top two WRs than Yahoo probably is, which is one reason why I lower the rating. K and Defense are average. Look for Tim to lose early and maybe be a low seed playoff bubble burster.

7 – Chiefs Victory Tour

Commish Grade: C+
Yahoo Grade: D+

Strengths: WR, Depth
Weakness: RB, TE

Darryl may have the most legendary WR group in league history. Chase and Diggs may be fighting for top 5 status. McLaurin, Waddle, and Godwin are all WR1/WR2 quality. Wilson is with a new team, but a solid QB. Patriots defense is fine. McManus will get lots of kicking chances. The problem for Darryl is RB and TE. RB will only be good if starters ahead of his guys get hurt. TE Fant hasn’t lived up to the hype and has Geno Smith / Drew Lock throwing him the ball in the rain. The benefit for Darryl is he me be able to trade for a RB1 or RB2 with his WR depth. I just don’t think RBs are good enough to give Darryl the boost he needs. Will be fighting for a last playoff spot.

8 – Chariot Chariots!

Commish Grade: C+
Yahoo Grade: C

Strengths: QB, WR, DEF
Weakness: Depth, RB

Walter may have had one of the smartest picks in getting Hopkins in the mid-rounds. Hopkins is a WR1, but suspended for a bit due to PEDs. Everyone is doubting Rodgers, but the guy is an MVP until proven otherwise. WR will be consistent and potentially electric. RB is my concern. Cook is fine if healthy. Jacobs is apparently in the doghouse and Patterson is a gadget guy. My problem with Walter is that the team just doesn’t have the star power to carry him. The depth isn’t there to handle injuries. Walter will be fighting for his life at the bottom of the playoff run. He will at least go 2-0 vs. Commish.

9 – Queen of the North

Commish Grade: C
Yahoo Grade: B+

Strengths: RB, TE, K, DEF
Weakness: WR, Depth

Kate is new to the league and will be looking to turn heads as the most unknown factor for 2022. The roster has me conflicted. There is a lot of potential, but, in practice, I am not sure it works. Dak lost his LT in the preseason and Dallas offense may struggle. Michael Thomas was a great pick 2 years ago, but this year, is an unknown. Mixon was the better RB, but taken after Barkley. Barkley being healthy would potentially return him to stardom though. TE is the best duo in the league. Cooks and Woods will be undervalued guys who may end up being her WR1 and WR2. Bass is a great option at K and Rams DEF is elite, but maybe a little weaker than last year. At the end of the day, Kate needs WRs to step up and guys stay healthy. Hardest team for me to rank, but, I will be a bit more cautious than Yahoo.

10 – Padawans

Commish Grade: C
Yahoo Grade: A

Strengths: QB, K, Depth
Weakness: Secondary Guys

Erika is the team I disagree the most with Yahoo on. Her team could become a top team, but, I think she has a couple of challenges and big risks. The WRs are all #2 guys on their teams. Metcalf and Lockett may be a more 1A and 1B, but, they have bad QBs now. Kamara may or may not get a lengthy suspension this year. Conner is a good fighter but seems to disapoint in fantasy. Herbert may have a legendary season though, which could carry weaker players some weeks. Erika’s ceiling could be very high, but I think the floor may fall out from under her this season.

11 – Pipe Hitters 2

Commish Grade: D
Yahoo Grade: D+

Strengths: QB, K, DEF
Weakness: WR, RB, TE

Dawn made the rare choice to draft two QBs very early. Brady may have a lot of baggage coming into this season, but if focused, should be top tier. Stafford was a great value pick last year, but injury concerns loom. Nevertheless, QB is set. WR is guys who have potential, but no proof of success for this year. RB is boom or bust and lots of unknowns. At least she has both Jaguars RBs, so whoever emerges will be plug and play. K is good, DEF is good. I just think too much early capital was spent on QBs, which will ultimately be the downfall of this roster.

12 – Trust the Cope

Commish Grade: D
Yahoo Grade: C

Strengths: QB, TE, WR, K
Weakness: RB, Depth

Cope has a fascinating team with a bad Achilles’ Heel. Mahomes and Kelce will double up some weeks for huge points. Samuel, Claypool, Renfrow, and Smith make for a great set of WRs. Butker is top tier at K. DEF will be swappable for each match up, but, may not thrive. My biggest problem for Cope is RB. Edmonds, Gordon, Cook, and Williams are all basically second string / timeshare guys. He needs injuries to give these guys playing time. I think Cope will be good enough to make the playoffs, but, may be felled by the RB situation. Trading a WR for an RB2 quality starter may be a good option. Cope will simply be unpredictable. Will probably lose games he should win and win games he should lose. Consistency will be the problem that keeps the floor lower than the ceiling.

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  1. Always love your Draft Grades report . These are the little things that make a Great Commish. Let the game begin : )

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