Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Actually, these are probably never asked by anyone.

Who are you?

Just call me The Cope. I am a later era millennial generation member. I grew up in a time where electronic technology fascinated me and changed dramatically. I have always wanted a good presence on the internet, but don't have much time these days. I started fiddling with websites in 1997 and more or less haven't stopped.

What do you believe?

I am a Christian. I believe in God's word. I believe God's word to be inerrant. This paints my perspectives on life and in my commentary. I am no grand theologian. I am a recovering believer that got lost somewhere in the seeker-sensitive culture of the western church for a few years. I am leaning more and more Reformed daily.

Why are you writing?

To collect my thoughts. I wrote a lot in college and grew a lot as a result. I hope that can continue here. I will probably reveal myself to be ignorant in many ways. In general, I believe seriously thinking about life, issues, enjoyments, and the likes is critical to our growth as people. It helps define what we believe and why we believe it. So come along on my journey if you like.