Ultimate League 2019 Commish’s Draft Grades

1 – Running on Empty – A (Y = B)

Great draft with overall talent at all levels. Bench is solid.

2 – Putin on the Ritz – A (Y = C+)

Maybe a little old, but all solid and will over perform. RB depth is concern.

3 – The Vonstars – A or D (Y = A)

I am rating Doug on potential. He either has the best team or the second worst team. 

4 – The Stuff – B (Y = C)

Great core, weak bench. Injuries would derail an otherwise stellar pass catching unit.

5 – Chariot Chariots – B (Y = C)

Can this team stay healthy? Solid core, but plenty of injury prone guys and a weaker bench.

6 – Operation Doomsday – B- (Y = C)

Very strong core and potential RB domination, but will Lamar Jackson be good enough?

7 – Pipe Hitters – B- (Y = B)

Amazing QB depth, potentially great RBs. Best K and DEF combo. Uncertain bench.

8 – Giants Will Continue – B- (Y = B)

Great looking roster starters. Limited bench. Will Brown do stuff and will RBs get enough attention?

9 – Padawans – C+ (Y = B)

Brees and Thomas will be fun, but the rest of the team isn’t eye catching. Solid depth but RBs thin.

10 – Ditka Did It – C (Y = B-)

Betting a lot on Kyler Murray, but has excellent RBs. Needs some #2 options on teams to over perform.

11 – Penguin All Stars – C- (Y = C+)

Great QB and TE and DEF depth. Lots of role players though who need to over perform.

12 – BatFavre Returns – F stands for Favre (Y = C+)

May be the most Roger team ever. Lots of boom or bust WR and RB options to trade if they all work out, but he can only start 5.

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